Transition to Kindergarten


Transition to Kindergarten is one of the most significant and memorable transitions that a young child experiences in his or her formative years.  This exciting transition lays the foundation for a child’s success in school.

Transition to Kindergarten is a planned and meaningful journey that requires the collaboration of teachers, administrators and families.

“… it is essential that the transition to school occur in such a way that children and families have a positive view of the school and that children have a feeling of perceived competence as learners.” (Bailey in Pianta, 1999, p. xv)

Children will enter kindergarten with higher levels of comfort/lower levels of stress.

    • Parents will establish lines of communication with their children's teachers before school begins. This communication will carry over to new teachers as the child progresses through school.

    • The perception of school and learning by the community will improve.

    • The frequency of dropouts will decline.

    • The achievement differential between students from middle income families and those from low income families will move upwards toward convergence.

    • Schools will initiate efforts to facilitate transitions into school and between grade levels.

Lunch & Learn

Reconnecting with Instructional Support to Enhance Children's Cognitive and Language Development

Session 1. October 4th, 2023. Aligned with CLASS® Concept Development

Session 2. November 1st, 2023. Aligned with CLASS® Quality of Feedback

Session 3. December 6th, 2023. Aligned with CLASS® Language Modeling

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Almorzando & Aprendiendo

Reconectando con Apoyo Pedagógico para Promover el Desarrollo Cognitivo y de Lenguaje de los Niños

Sesión 1. Octubre 4, 2023. Alineado con CLASS® Desarrollo de Conceptos

Sesión 2. Noviembre 1, 2023. Alineado con CLASS® Calidad de la Retroalimentación

Sesión 3. Diciembre 6, 2023. Alineado con CLASS® Modelar el Lenguaje

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